This article describes how you can advertise a job on your careers site. It includes:

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TIP:  These articles outline the generic SnapHire processes for advertising a job, as each organisation has their own unique advertising processes please contact Client Success if you require further assistance.

Advert text approval

Before you advertise a job, if required and configured on your site, you can ask the manager of the job to review and approve the advertisement text that you have created for the job - this can all be done via SnapHire.  To do this:

  1. Select the job – either from the Job details view or by selecting ☑ in the Job list view.
  2. Choose JOB \ Advertise \ Ask mgr to approve ad text.  The email to be sent to the manager will be displayed.
  3. The message is configured to ask for a response 'ASAP' but if you prefer you can enter a date/time that they must reply by (if you specify a date/time and they do not reply before then, the link they are provided with will expire and they will not be able to respond).
  4. The left-hand side of the screen shows you the default email subject and message text.  If required, you can edit these but please be careful not to remove any html tags (e.g. <b>).  The email message text automatically includes the advert text (external and internal text) from the description tab of the job wizard.
  5. The right-hand side of the screen is for information only – it shows you the options the manager will see when they respond to your request.
  6. Click OK to send the message.
  7. When the manager has reviewed the job advert text within the email, they must click on a link provided at the top of the email to reply.  When they reply, their answer will be stored against the job and a notification will appear on your SnapHire Dashboard - Overview tab.

TIP:  The information above describes the default SnapHire configuration, your organisation may have customized this to suit your requirements.

Job listings on your careers site

When you would like to advertise (or re-advertise) your job on your careers site to internal and/or external candidates:

  1. Select the job – either from the Job details view or by selecting ☑ in the Job list view.
  2. Choose JOB \ Change status, and then the appropriate open status:
  3. If you have selected any open option except 'not visible', your organisation may require you to:
    1. Specify the close date and time for applications (you can edit this later if you need to by choosing JOB \ Change status \ Edit application close date).  The application close date/time information is usually displayed in the job details of the advertisement.
    2. Determine if the job should be included in the overnight 'mass mail' (job alert) process to the talent pool, where the job profile matches to the candidate's profile selections etc.  If your organization does not require you to make this decision when opening a job, it is likely that all jobs are automatically included in your job alert mass mailer.
  4. Click OK.  If you have selected a 'visible' option, the job will now appear on the careers site.

TIP:  Information about the current visibility of the job, and job alerts sent can be found in the Status section of the job details.

Closing job applications

Advertising for job applications on your careers site can be closed manually by a user, or automatically - this is done by changing the visibility of the Open job (i.e. this process is not closing the actual job, just the visibility of the job advertisement on your careers site).  For more information job visibility, refer to the Open job status.

To manually close a job advertisement on your careers site:

  1. Choose JOB \ Change status.
  2. Choose a job status so that it is not visible (e.g. Open, and "not visible").
  3. The job advertisement will no longer be visible to the selected audience (e.g. internal, external or all).

To automatically have a job advertisement on your careers site close:

  1. The job must have a status of Open and currently be visible to candidates (internal and/or external),
  2. The job must have an application close date/time specified - this information is usually visible in the job summary in job list view, and in the 'Key dates' section of the job details view. You can edit this date/time if you need to by choosing JOB \ Change status \ Edit application close date.
  3. When the specified date/time has been reached, the job visibility is changed to 'not visible' so that candidates cannot see it or apply it via your website. 
  4. An email is generated to the 'job coordinator' of the job to let them know the job is no longer open for applications (this email is called 'SYSTEM Job expiry' in your site configuration).  The job coordinator is the main controller of the job, and is usually the Recruiter, but in some situations may be the Manager or a Processing Agency user.  You can check who is the job coordinator for a job by checking the job details view, in the section 'Key people'.  For example: