The Support tab is where you can get information about the version of SnapHire your site is currently running on, as well as contact information for us if you require assistance:

In order to access the 'Support' navigation tab, you will need to have been granted the permission 'Can access support tab'.  There is an additional related permission available called 'Can remote access Aotal Client Portal' - please refer to the details below.


The information that appears on the support tab is (in order):

The site is currently running on:This is the version of SnapHire your site is currently running on, along with other technical details about your site that we may need. 

Support Content:

SnapHire support inquiries in New Zealand and Australia: 

The contact email and phone numbers for the SnapHire Client Success team, supporting SnapHire users in New Zealand and Australia, and all other regions outside the USA.

To test the performance of your Internet connection:

A link to the SnapHire internet testing tool called 'Speedo'.  If you click on this link, a new tab/window will open and Speedo will open and immediately test your current internet connection speed, which may be helpful if you are experiencing slow internet response:

Remote access to Freshdesk:If you have been granted the permission 'Log ticket to SnapHire Client Portal from within SnapHire', this option will be visible at the bottom of the Support tab information:
The 'Login to Aotal Client Portal' link gives you access to the client portal directly from SnapHire.