As a SnapHire user, you can log into the client portal (powered by Freshdesk) to submit new tickets, view the status and update existing tickets, view and contribute to community forums and find training videos and articles. 


To access the client portal, you first need to be activated by the Client Success team. An activation email will be sent to you, and clicking the link in the email will complete the activation of your support portal account. 

Once activated, you can visit clientportal.snaphire.com and enter your email address and password to access the portal. 


Alternatively, if you have the permission "Can remote access Aotal Client Portal", you can access the support portal directly from inside SnapHire on the Support tab (via the More drop-down).

Editing your profile

We recommend that you edit your profile using the “Edit profile” option on the top right-hand side of the page to update your contact information. This is important so our Client Success team can get in touch with you.

Client Portal 'Home' tab

When you are logged into the client portal you will have access to supporting user information as well as the ability to raise a ticket. When you initially log in you will be on the Home tab. 

Using the search box on the Home tab will search the whole portal, however, you will be able to filter your results based on the different tabs that you have access to. For example, if you used this search bar for information about “emails” the results will be from all tabs but you are still able to filter the information (shown below).

Client portal 'Solutions' tab  

The Solutions tab is the knowledge base including all SnapHire user documentation, training materials and videos.  It is broken down into categories, each category's title is a link that will allow you to view more articles on that topic. The topics are broken down into user documentation and self-service documentation. Some articles are available without logging into your client portal account, but to see all the available content, please login.

Reviewing the solution articles available is a great first step if you have a question about SnapHire functionality. 

Client portal 'Forums' tab 

On the Forums tab you can view our Announcements and Request a feature forum.

We recommend you subscribe to the Announcements forum by clicking the "Follow" button to ensure you don't miss any important updates from the Client Success team. 

Client portal 'Tickets' tab

The Tickets tab tracks all of the tickets you create or are assigned. If you need to access to all of your organisation's tickets, please contact the Client Success team.  Client Success is notified of any new tickets, or updates to existing tickets and all communication is easily tracked and visible in the ticket history. 

Creating a ticket on the portal

Use the "New support ticket" button to submit a new request. 

A form will appear for you to complete. To make sure that we can respond to your query efficiently please provide the following information:

  • A description of the issue, providing screenshots and documents to provide more information
  • Contact information, providing a direct line or the best way to get in touch with you.
  • Job number and title, or any other specific information.

Once submitted your ticket is automatically added to the Client Success team ticket queue and you will receive an automatic email including a link back to your original ticket. If your issue is urgent (e.g. your site is down) please create your ticket and then call the Client Success team (contact number: 64-9-3080321) immediately to ensure the team are aware of the issue. 

Creating a ticket via SnapHire

If you are signed in to SnapHire and have the ‘Log ticket to Aotal Client Portal from within SnapHire’ permission, you can use the Log ticket tab to create a ticket. This tab will appear regardless of the page you are on within SnapHire.

Clicking on this tab will open a form to enter your ticket details. You can also take a screenshot of your SnapHire screen and send it through to the Client Success team.

Viewing existing tickets

You can view all of your existing tickets within the Tickets tab. Click into a ticket to review all communications that are associated with it, for example, any responses from the Client Success team. You can filter your existing tickets based on the following options:

Candidate access

Candidates can view the candidate support information using the following URL: https://candidatesupport.freshdesk.com. This information is tailored to help candidates who need technical assistance with SnapHire.

Candidates also have the ability to raise a ticket with the Candidate Support team at Aotal by using the Technical Support tab on your careers site. Any recruitment-related query will be directed to you. If there is a technical issue with SnapHire our Candidate Support team will assist the candidate and help resolve the problem.