Customising your organisation's welcome messages can provide valuable updates, links to information, images, videos or other content to your users. There is a welcome message on the 'Dashboard' tab for recruiter users, hiring managers, and processing agency users. 

Managing your organisation's welcome messages

To create or edit your organisation's welcome messages, you need the permission 'Can manage welcome messages'. 

Once granted the 'Welcome message' section becomes available in the Configuration hub. Use the 'More' drop-down and select 'Admin' to find the Configuration hub.

Select the welcome message type you would like to edit and the existing welcome message will display.

Use the formatting options at the top to format your text, insert images, videos, links etc. The images and videos need to be hosted online, with a URL that you can use to insert into your welcome message. If you need assistance with storing your image online, please contact the SnapHire Client Success team at hello@aotal.com.

You can save your changes while working on the welcome message using the 'Save' button at the bottom of the page. When you are ready for the welcome message to be published, use the 'Publish this message to the home page' tick box and click 'Save'. 

It's important to view your new or updated welcome messages as the different user types and check the video, links etc are working as you intended. If you have test hiring manager and processing agency user accounts you can use the USER / Other / 'Sign in as user' menu option.  Note you need to have the 'Manage users' permission to be able to sign in as another user, and some sites may not have this option configured. Always ensure you sign out after you have reviewed the welcome message and sign back in with your correct user account. 

If you have any questions about how to manage your site's welcome messages, please contact the SnapHire Client Success team at hello@aotal.com.