This article explains how you can edit your organisation's email templates and use SnapHire placeholders as well as your organisation's custom placeholders. 

To edit email templates

Once you have selected an email template (action), from either menu email templates or other email templates, you will be presented with the below screen.


You are able to select who this email template is sent from

Selection includes:

  • The person raising the action
  • The system general email address


You are able to select who this email template is sent to

Selection includes:

  • The logged in user
  • Default recruiter
  • Specify a user
  • A user selected at raise time
  • Specify an email address
  • An email specified at raise time
  • The job coordinator
  • The hiring manager

If you are unsure what these mean for your organisation please contact the SnapHire Client Success Team.

CC and BCC:

You are able to add default CC and BCC email addresses to each email template.


You are able to edit the subject of the email template. When editing you can insert placeholders e.g. Job title (Job code) which are SnapHire placeholders @@JOBTitle@@ (@@JOBCode@@).


You are able to edit the message of the email template. This is the body of the email. The body of each email template has been decided by your organisation at some point in time. Either at implementation or during your time as a SnapHire customer.

You are able to update the content and format of your email templates using the editor which is incorporated into this self-service functionality. This includes key functionality including text colour, text formatting and undo/redo. You are also able to insert and format SnapHire placeholders as well as your organisation's placeholders which are created by SnapHire as data fields. 

To insert placeholders

Select the "Insert placeholder" button and then use the "Please select" drop-down.

You are able to choose the scope of the field e.g. Job, Application, Job Seeker, Site and User etc.

Selecting a placeholder

Once you have selected the scope you can then select the placeholder.

Below "Job placeholders" was selected and "Job code" was the placeholder that was selected from the list. The screen also gives you a preview of the placeholder in our SnapHire format.

For more information about placeholders please contact our SnapHire Client Success Team at hello@aotal.com.