Email templates are any email communications that are sent via an action from your SnapHire system e.g. "Send onboarding request to candidate". The email templates on actions that are configured to send an email are editable by users who have been granted the "Can manage email templates" permission. This permission is in the configuration hub section of the permissions that are able to be granted to a user.

Managing your organisation's email templates

We recommend only giving this permission to one or two key admin users within your organisation. A user in your organisation with the "Manage users" ability can grant you the "Can manage email templates" permission above.

Once granted to you, you will be able to access the "Manage email templates" option within the system configuration section of the admin tab from your SnapHire account.

You will need to click on the "Manage email templates" option and you will then be presented with a screen that outlines all actions that send emails from actions that are on your menu, e.g. "Send offer package to candidate", as well as all other actions which send emails from the system e.g. SYSTEM actions and Timed Application actions.

Manage email templates:


You are able to use the search box at the top of the "Manage email templates" screen to search for email templates. You are able to search for the name of the action you select from your menu as well as the action name of the action that has been configured for you by SnapHire.

Show additional information:

This tick box lets you see additional information about this action which sends an email. 

Additional information that presents is:

  • Job families
  • Workflows
  • Can be raised by (user type)
  • Recipient

Please note: The additional information that presents cannot be amended.

Without additional information:

With additional information:

Menu email templates

  • Actions that are on your menu that send emails.
  • Appear in the order set out on your menu e.g. Job menu, Application menu, Job seeker menu, User menu and Agencies menu.
  • Menu names can be clicked on and you are then presented with branches and leaf items within that menu.

Other email templates:

  • Actions that send emails from SnapHire however are not set on your menu.
  • Other email templates are set upon actions that send emails from the system in an automated way e.g. Registration acknowledgements or automated emails set to be raised on a bucket after a candidate has been in that bucket for a certain amount of days.

For more information about "Manage email templates" and how to edit your email templates and use placeholders please click here.