You will see the option to 'Make this job a template' (as shown below) if you have been granted the permission 'Can mark jobs as templates'. Only users who have been granted this permission will see this option in the job wizard when creating or editing a job.  If this option is selected, the job will become available as a template (and be available in the 'Select job template' drop-down list).

Template tips

To make managing your templates as easy as possible, we recommend that:

  • You create a new job to be your template instead of marking a real job as a template. This means you can edit the specially created template job without impacting on the reporting of real jobs. Please never open/advertise this template job.
  • You leave your template jobs in the status of Draft or Archived. Archived jobs can easily be excluded from reporting.
  • You understand what information will be applied for users applying templates to existing jobs. The information that copies from a template can be customised for your SnapHire site if required. Please contact the SnapHire Client Success team at hello@aotal.com for assistance. 

If you have been granted the permission 'Can search for template jobs' you will easily be able to find templates jobs only within the 'Jobs' tab. The below options become available:

  • Use the 'Jobs' tab \ 'View' drop-down option called “My template jobs” to find jobs (with any status) associated with your user account that are marked as templates.  If you don't have this 'View' option, please contact us at hello@aotal.com
  • Use the 'Jobs' tab \ 'Refine this search \ '+ that have other job details:' \ 'Only show jobs that are marked as template', along with other search criteria to widen your results (e.g. to find templates associated with other users, of a certain status etc.). 

  • Please note: If you have not been granted this permission you can still find template jobs if your search criteria matches the template job - your results will also include any regular jobs which match the criteria.

Jobs template filter

If the job template filter has been enabled for your SnapHire site, job templates will only appear to users if their user category e.g. Business group or Location, matches the template category selected. If you find users aren't seeing templates, check the users category settings and the settings on the template. 

If you need further assistance, please contact the SnapHire Client Success team at hello@aotal.com.