1. SnapHire Standard reports

Our experience has shown that the majority of reporting requirements can be delivered via one or another of the SnapHire Standard Reports. In general 80% of the time these Standard Reports can be used directly as “off-the-shelf” reporting solutions, and we encourage clients to self-serve and run their own standard reports as and when required.

2. Amendments to SnapHire Standard reports

A further 10% of the time these same reports can be amended to incorporate some minor changes to fine-tune them for client requirements. If this is the case please contact the Client Success team with clear details of your specific reporting requirements, including screenshots of desired data fields whenever possible.

3. Custom-built reports

We also recognise that all our clients are unique and occasionally the need for custom-built reports will arise. New build reports are all treated individually and we will be able to provide you with a clear cost structure for the work involved.  Please understand that the clearer the specifications, the better we will be able to customise the report to your unique requirements.