When using SnapHire there are some key elements which will almost always be visible to you, one of these is the action menus.  The action menus  in SnapHire appear down the left-hand side of the screen:

The actions menus are dynamic - this means they change depending on what you are viewing / the actions you take, so that you only see menus which are relevant to what you are doing.  The action menus will also vary depending on your site configuration.

Where you see a downward-pointing arrow symbol on the menu, it means there is a sub-menu available:

Simply click the menu name to see the sub-menu (note the change to the arrow, it is now pointing up):   

The default action menus are:

  • APPLICATION – When viewing a job seeker(s) application to a job in list or detail view.
  • AGENCIES – When viewing jobs to which sourcing agencies have been linked.
  • CREATE – Always available to allow you to create new jobs, job seekers or users (permissions dependent).
  • JOB – When viewing job(s) information in list or detail view.
  • JOB SEEKER – When viewing a job seeker(s) details in list or details view (whether they have applied for a job or simply registered on the site).
  • USER – When viewing the details about a SnapHire user (recruiter, manager or agency user) (permissions dependent).
  • TAGS – Available when in the Candidates tab to allow you to recall job seekers tagged by you (private) or any member of your team (team).

TIP:  Whenever you select an item on an action menu, the screen that appears will usually have instructions about what you need to do.  These instructions will appear at the top of the page, and are typically customized for your organization.