Team members access SnapHire through your organizations secure web sign in page.  We will provide you with the web address of this sign in page which you may like to add as a favorite within your internet browser.

TIP:  Within your organization you will probably have a SnapHire or business process 'super user' who is your first point of contact for assistance with SnapHire.  If you are not sure who this person is, now might be a good time to identify them.  Alternatively, please contact us for assistance at hello@aotal.com.

Sign in page

This sign in web page gives access to SnapHire for:

  • Recruiters - any team member within your organization carrying out Recruitment activity.
  • Hiring Managers - team members who are managers and involved in the recruitment process 
  • Processing Agency Users – agency users who sign in to assist the recruitment team with processing of applications (if enabled in your organization).  Please note this this is different to sourcing agency users who submit job seekers to applicable jobs via the careers site.

To sign in:

  1. The user goes to your organizations sign in page.

  2. The user clicks the 'Sign in' button or link, and the identity selection panel appears.  This panel shows the sign in methods which have been configured for your organization (e.g. sign in with email, sign in with Google etc)

  3. The user provides their credentials (e.g. Sign in with email would be providing their email address and password) and is signed into SnapHire and taken to their 'Dashboard' tab.

TIP:  Your organization may have requested that users are forced to change their password when they sign in after X number of days.