If you have been granted the permission 'Manage staffing agencies', you will be able to manage staffing agencies via the 'Admin' option available under the 'More' drop-down in the top navigation tab.

Manage agencies

To manage the agencies configured on your site:

  1. Click on the 'Admin' option under the 'More' drop-down to see the configuration hub 'Manage agencies' section. Existing agencies configured in your site will be displayed in alphabetical order.
  2. Check if the agency you want to work with already exists.  If not, create a new agency using the 'Add new agency' button.
  3. Add the agency name (this is seen when creating new agency users, and when inviting agencies to assist with a job) and contact details (for your reference) as applicable.
  4. Click SAVE.

TIP:  Sourcing agency users cannot be asked to assist with a job unless there is an active contract for the agency configured in your site - refer to Manage (sourcing) agency contracts