When you sign into SnapHire you will be taken to your Dashboard tab.

The Dashboard tab has three separate sections:

  1. Welcome tab
  2. Overview tab
  3. Insights tab

Welcome tab

The welcome tab displays a message which is targeted to the type of user you are (e.g. recruiter, manager or processing agency user). If you don't use this functionality, the Welcome tab will not show and the Overview tab will display instead.

Your organization manages the addition/update/deletion of the different welcome messages, and typically they are used to tell you about changes or events that you need to be aware of.  The messages you see may include text (including HTML formatting), links to external websites, photos, videos etc.

TIP:  Users who have been granted the permission 'Manage welcome messages' are able to add/change/delete welcome messages via the Admin tab / Welcome messages menu.

Overview tab 

This section of your Dashboard includes tasks which require your attention - these are actions for you to review/carry out as well as responses to information you have requested.  Tasks can be viewed per day by navigating the calendar, arranged per week. The actions are either:

  • 'due'  - a due date of the action is either today or been set to ASAP
  • 'overdue' - the due date of the action has already passed

When you have finished reviewing the actions on your Overview tab, it’s important to click the 'Ok' button to complete the action – this will lock the information in, update the icon in the related history section (e.g. change from an hourglass to a green tick) and remove the notification from your Overview tab.  If you do not click 'Ok' then the action will not be completed and will stay on your Overview tab – the information will also not be available in later actions or reports.  You may be able to complete this action later by repeating the process correctly, or delete the notification by using the Delete button available to the right of the action.  

TIP:  If the delete button is not able to be clicked on, it is because the action is not relevant to the current status of the item - for example; the item related to the 'References' bucket, but you since have progressed the application to the 'Offer' bucket.  Depending on the circumstances, you may be able to correct this by accessing the action via the link in the Detail column on the Overview tab or via the link in the history section of the item and taking appropriate action, otherwise please contact us for assistance at hello@aotal.com.

Insights tab

This section of your Dashboard will present users with a set of recruitment metrics and charts around jobs open and advertised, application sources, average time to hire as well as some other useful monthly information. 

Only users granted the permission "Can view insights tab" will be able to see this tab. This permission is assigned to all Recruiter users by default, but can be assigned/unassigned on a user per user basis. The Insights tab is not currently customisable per client, but will be continued to be enhanced in future builds.