SnapHire is a web-based talent management system designed specifically for the corporate environment that lets you take control of your own recruitment - to find, select and hire the best people for your organization.  SnapHire is delivered as a pure web-based system, so as long as you have access to a web browser and the internet all the people that you need to be involved in your recruitment processes can be (e.g. recruitment team, managers, employees, candidates and even external agencies).

This article includes a summary of the experiences of using SnapHire for:

Candidates (Job seekers)

Your careers website provides visiting candidates (job seekers) with information about, at the very least, current open vacancies.  The job seekers do not need to register or sign in to browse open jobs, and can find information in a variety of ways including browsing all jobs, browsing by location, expertise etc. (as defined by your organization) or by searching using the job code, keyword, or even carry out an advanced search combining a number of factors.

The content displayed to the job seeker may vary depending on whether they have been recognized as internal or external to your organization.  The differences in the careers site content might be:

  • The visibility of the job (e.g. some jobs might only be available for internal job seekers).
  • Different job description text for a job advert (e.g. the internal job description text might include some organization specific information).
  • Different document attachments available for review on the job advert.
  • Different registration or job application questions.


  • Internal job seekers can be recognized by the IP address from which they are accessing your careers site, or by signing in (if they have an existing profile within your SnapHire site which has been previously marked as internal).
  • SnapHire prevents job seekers from re-applying for a vacancy to which they have already submitted an application (unless otherwise required by your organization).

Interested job seekers can 'Register and Apply' for a job as part of the same process, or simply 'Register' on the site and apply for vacancies of interest at some point in the future.  The registration process usually includes:

  • Providing a unique email address - this is their unique identifier within SnapHire.
  • Providing profile information about their job search (e.g. location, expertise etc) which has been defined by your organization.
  • Indicating whether or not they would like to be subscribed to email 'Job Alert' notifications about new vacancies that match the profile they have defined.
  • Answering the pre-defined applicable organizational registration questions (defined by your organization, and can be specific to the location, type of role, internal vs. external job seeker etc).

After registering on the careers site, the job seeker receives an automatic email confirmation of their registration.  They can update their registration details or change their password at any time by signing in via the careers website and changing the information held about them (including changing their password).

The application process includes reviewing/re-confirming their previously supplied registration information (if any), and then answering job specific application questions which have had defaults defined by your organization, and may have been further tailored by the recruiter of the job.  When a job seeker applies for a specific job they receive an automatic email confirmation of their application.


Your organization can create approved Staffing (Recruitment sourcing) agencies within SnapHire, set up agreed contracts for reporting purposes, and then provide sign in access to their consultants (Sourcing Agency Users).  This functionality gives the agency consultant restricted access to only the jobs in SnapHire that you would like their Agency to assist with.  They can then sign in via the careers site, and submit job seeker applications (up to the maximum number that has been defined for the job).

If required, Processing Agency Users can also be setup which allow external parties to assist you in the processing aspects (e.g. screening) of your recruitment activities.

Team members (e.g. Recruiters/Managers)

Team members access SnapHire through your organizations secure web sign in page.  We will provide you with the web address of this sign in page which you may like to add as a favorite within your internet browser.  The sign in for each user is their email address and a password they select when they first access SnapHire, and which can be changed by them within SnapHire as/when required.

TIP:  Your organization may have requested that users are forced to change their password when they sign in after X number of days.

The functionality that your team members have available to them varies depending on the configuration of your site (i.e. what types of activities a Recruiter can perform / what types of activities can a Manager perform) and the permissions an individual user has been granted.  In general, hiring managers can perform a simplified version of what is available for a recruiter user - this is because a manager will generally be carrying out only selected recruitment activities.  Each organization heavily configures the processes and activities available to managers who sign in (if any), so please refer to your specific site information to familiarize yourself with your organizations prcesses.

Types of activities your team members might carry out are:

  • Create new job vacancies and edit information about existing jobs.
  • Change the status of a job to make it visible to internal and/or external job seekers on your careers website.
  • Organize advertising from SnapHire for places other than your careers website.
  • Review new applications to open positions.
  • Decline unsuitable job seekers and progress others through the application workflow processes defined by your organization.
  • Send email messages from SnapHire to job seekers, agencies, managers and other recruiters.
  • Send and receive SMS (text) messages with job seekers from SnapHire.
  • Add notes and attach documents to a job seeker’s record and/or their applications as applicable.
  • Organize job seekers with Team or Private 'Tags' – to link job seekers irrespective of their job applications/status etc.